Lab News

Dec 18

Calli Bonin, a star undergraduate in the lab, graduates from Hopkins! Congratulations, Calli!... Read More

Dec 15

Our time-resolved cryo-EM platform, C-SPAM, has been published in IUCrJ! Congratulations, Alejandra and Calli! Link.    ... Read More

Selected Recent Publications

Montaño-Romero, A., Bonin, C., Twomey, E.C. “C-SPAM: an open-source time-resolved specimen vitrification device with light-activated molecules.” IUCrJ. PMID: 38096039.


Hale, W.D., Montaño-Romero, A., Gonzalez, C.U., Jayaraman, V., Lau, A.Y., Huganir, R.L., Twomey, E.C. “Allosteric Competition and Inhibition in AMPA Receptors.” BioRxiv. PMID: 38076818. Preprint.


Hale, W.D.*, Montaño-Romero, A.*, Huganir, R.L., Twomey, E.C. “Structure of Transmembrane AMPA Receptor Regulatory Protein Subunit γ2.” BioRxiv. PMID: 38076787. Preprint.

Mechanism of AMPA Receptor Inhibition