We are actively recruiting scientists from all backgrounds! Individuals joining our lab should have a passion for understanding biology through the fine details of biochemistry and structural biology. Please see our research page for details on our current research interests.


Postdoctoral candidates who are applying should send their CV, along with three letters of reference, to twomey@jhmi.edu.



Graduate students interested in rotations should email twomey@jhmi.edu with their CV and brief statement of research interests. Please apply to our graduate programs through the Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology Graduate Program, the XDBio Cross Disciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences, and the Program in Molecular Biophysics.



Undergraduate students from Johns Hopkins and neighboring institutions are also welcome to apply! Individuals should be interested in pursuing a career in basic science and also be looking to expand their knowledge of the basic sciences, biochemistry, and structural biology. We can set this up as internship, work study, etc., depending on your needs and availability. Please email twomey@jhmi.edu with your CV, transcript, and statement of interest.