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How to tune neurotransmitter function

Regulatory subunits tightly control the function of glutamate receptors, which enables our brains to tune responses to the neurotransmitter glutamate. The structural features of how this occurs were unknown, which is a major barrier in understanding brain function as well […]
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Allosteric Competition and Inhibition!

Small molecule therapeutics alter the three-dimensional landscape of glutamate receptors to control neurotransmission in disease states. We outline how therapeutic candidates inhibit glutamate receptors, and also observe a new phenomenon called allosteric competition, where two small molecules compete to control […]
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Why Time-Resolved Cryo-EM?

  Investigating the three-dimensional (3D) shapes of molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids enables us to understand their biological function, how therapeutic drugs interact with their targets, and how mutations may give rise to disease. A technology called cryo-electron […]
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